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 Dispatches from the Mind's Eye 

   A Solo Exhibition by Jon Renzella 





   開放時間:周四、周五5:00~9:00pm / 周六、周日2:00~9:00pm

   藝術家之夜 Artist's Night : 6.30(Sat.) 7:30~9:30  藝術家現身說創作

                                                                             Artist talk about the works

《心靈之眼》是目前居住在台中的版畫藝術家雷強(Jon Renzella)的最新個展。超過七十件作品分布在Zspace的四個樓層,其中包括兩組尺寸超  過2x10公尺的大型版畫裝置。展覽內容依樓層分為「朦朧的現實」、「建構的現實」、「感知的現實」與「個人的現實」四個子題,透過一刀一鑿層疊鋪排而成的圖象,傳達世界在藝術家眼中的模樣。


  'Dispatches from the Mind's Eye' is a solo exhibition by Taichung-based woodcut artist Jon Renzella. The exhibit features over 70 prints on 4 floors, including 2 massive woodcut installations measuring over 200 x 1000cm each. The show is divided into four themes, one for each floor of the gallery: Obscured Reality, Constructed Reality, Perceived Reality, and Personal Reality. There is an opening reception on Saturday, June 9th from 4-9pm. The show runs through July 1st, at Z Space (No.2, Alley 3, Lane 71, Sec. 1, Wu Quan West Rd, Taichung [across from the Art Museum]). Open hours: Thursday and Friday 17.00-21.00, Saturday and Sunday 14.00-21.00 (closed Mon.-Wed.) Tel:  0952-585162      


The Talk of Artist's Night

This exhibit is made up of four themes, one on each floor of the gallery. Starting with the first floor, they are: obscured reality, constructed reality, perceived reality, and personal reality. The exhibit starts with the deepest depths of our lives and works its way up gradually, floor by floor, through the tiers of experience until it finally emerges into the top floor, whose theme represents the warmest, most common and easily digestible aspects of our exsistence. I'll talk a bit about each theme and then take questions at the end. 

The first floor, obscured reality, explores the deepest, most buried parts of the human condition that are dealt with in this exhibit. These elements are rarely seen but affect us in the most foundational way. This work explores the most fundamental issue of the human condition, the fact that we are all here in this place, but we don't have any idea where we are or why. There are mysterious and unseen connections, patterns, and forms that deeply affect us but of which we are either completely or mostly unaware. There is also a duality here between connectivity and separation. We are all in the same situation, sharing in the same basic experience, connected by bonds both visible and invisible. At the same time, we are all completely isolated from one another. No matter how close we get to each other, it is impossible for us to share any experience from another's perspective. This body of work probes the varying degrees of hidden truths. 

The second floor's theme is constructed reality. This is the next most base, fundamental part of our lives as a society. We have built these institutions and this societal infrastructure to help us make sense of the mystery of the obscured reality, and to give it form and function. It is ever-present, but often working behind the scenes and therefore unrecognized when it influences us. We've all had a hand in the building of these traditions and the social contract, but a small few have taken the reigns of this level of existence. Unable to hold power over the most basic part of the human condition, that small but powerful minority has hijacked the next closest thing, and twisted and exploited it more often for their own small benefit than for the benefit of humanity for which it was created. I hope someday we'll all see and explore this level of our lives with a view from the first floor, instead of the seemingly lofty vantage of the upper parts of this exhibit, and as a result we'll remember why these institutions were brought about. 

The third floor deals with perceived reality. This is the observation of the real and imagined worlds, both of which constitute daily reality. They are the observation from sight, the viewing, interpretation, and transcription of life as it is lived in the world. It also involves the observation of theme, of ideas prevalent in daily life, of fears, anxieties, and hopes both imminent and dreamed, and of places built of these emotions. These observations are important and significant, but also distract us from the deeper realities present on the lower levels of our situation. 

Finally, personal reality. The top floor of the exhibit opens to the sky and the light, and contains the most surface, most everyday, evident and knowable experiences that shape most of our daily consciousness. It is people in their personal places and situations, and it is the common places of our interior lives. In many ways it is the most important part of our ongoing existence, but also the most superficial and ultimately meaningless. These intimate spaces and moments shape our lives, but are far more ephemeral than the deeper depths we've explored. This is the most comfortable place to be, it is less frightening and easier to digest and grapple with in comparison to the lower floors. 

All of these realities are necessary to the completeness of our experience, and all are worth exploring and discussing.(by Jon Renzella)












所有這些現實都是我們完整生命經驗的必要,也都值得不斷地探索和討論。(此文為藝術家之夜講稿/ by 雷強)



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